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Serhii Chernenko !

I personally know Deniz Ince since I played in
one of the teams of the Turkish League, in which he was a coach, I am very
pleased with the work with him.


He had a long hockey career as a player, and it
is very important for the coach to know how everything works from the inside.

Deniz is not only a good coach, but also a good
psychologist who in any situation can find mutual understanding with each
player and motivate him to work well and achieve results. I can also note that
Deniz is always in a positive mood, and it is very important for players to see
a good mood and confidence in the eyes of the coach, it is transmitted to the
players and helps to achieve maximum results. I always remember with pleasure
the time when I was a player in Deniz's team and wish him success and many new
victories in his coaching career.


Oleg Zadoenko

We worked with Deniz Coach for 3 years.
together we won three Turkish championships and a stage of the continental cup.

A true professional, sociable, knows how to
motivate a team. Constantly develops and improves skills. It's not often you
meet a person who loves hockey so much. I hope one day we can work again.

Oleksei Voytsekhovsky

Bu 5 yıl unutulmaz ve mutluydu, zaferler ve
yenilgiler, başarılar ve başarısızlıklar, üst üste üç Türkiye şampiyonluğu ve
Türkiye tarihinde ilk kez Continental kupasında ikinci tura ulaşma vardı!!!
Onunla geçirdiğim bu zamanı her zaman gülümseyerek hatırlayacağım!!!!

Her şeyden önce, Deniz adı büyük harflerle
yazılacak bir adam, sizi her zaman duyacak, size tavsiyelerde bulunacak ve
yardımcı olacak!

Bir antrenör olarak, o bir profesyonel,
hokeyde kendini değil, kendi içinde hokeyi seviyor!!! Kendini tamamen hokeye ve
hokeydeki işine adamış durumda!!!!

Eğer fırsatım olursa, onunla tekrar
çalışmayı çok isterim! Ve kimin fırsatı varsa, şansınızı kaybetmeyin ve ona
gidin ve onunla çalışın ve onunla çalışmaktan sonuç, zevk ve neşe
alacaksınız!!! Şansınızı kaçırmayın!!! Deniz bir profesyonel!!!!

Anton Peronmaa

Deniz Coach was fair,  demanding and one and only person who
understood hockey culture in Turkey. Also he had passion for hockey and going
extra mile by doing research to develop players and hockey. I had great
experience and time playing for him!

Jukka Kuusivuori

I had the privilege of working with Mr.
Deniz Ince for several years, and I can attest to his exceptional ice hockey
coaching abilities. Deniz's deep knowledge of the game, attention to detail,
and strong leadership consistently bring out the best in his teams. He is a
person of great character, both loyal and reliable. I highly recognize Deniz
Ince as an outstanding ice hockey coach.

Mike Tish

My time playing for Coach Ince was a
pleasure. He is a very personable coach that is led by passion and that’s what
separates him from the rest. Even at the roll of coach he is still a student of
the game by breaking down the most modern skills and game tactics from hockey’s
highest levels and utilizing them into his own regimens and strategies. By
being able to adapt with the times while having the years of experience he does
gives him a never ending bag of tricks to work with for every situation. Deniz
is wise, calculated, and well-spoken on and off the ice making him admirable
and easy to work for. Coach Ince is selfless and does it all with good
intention for the love of the game.

Maximillian Dimitrovici

I met Deniz almost 10 years ago in Istanbul. I came as an exchange student to that great city, not knowing anyone. Through a mutual contact from Germany we got connected and we start teaching kids hockey. Later on he recruited me to the men team he was building up at that time.
I’m grateful for that opportunity which allowed me to stay over my exchange program in Istanbul and which allowed me to make that city my second home.

I know Deniz as a coach and as friend. I have deep respect for what he did for Turkish hockey. He is the one Turkish person inside that domestic hockey world who really played abroad and who know hockey culture from abroad as well as from turkey. This gives him the unique skill to lift Turkish hockey to the next level.

His international contacts as well as his international experience made him a highly skilled hockey and life coach.
He is a fair men as coach as well as human. He supports all his players on the ice and private. This is something I will always admire about Deniz.