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BREAKOUT - 2-0 Breakout - D shoot

Posted on March 22 2021

BREAKOUT - 2-0 Breakout - D shoot

- D1 and D4 start at the same time
- D1 skates toward D3 and transition to backwards
- D3 passes to D1. D1 makes an escape turn and makes 2-3 fast strides forward
- D1 passes to O2
- D2 lays a puck to the corner
- D1 skates to the puck with an angle and checks over his shoulders
- D1 wheels
- O1 and O2 supports
- D1 breaks out with O1 and O2 and they go 2 vs 0
- D1 gets a new puck from O3 and skates to the far blue line for a point shoot.
- O1 and O2 in front of the net

Tags: D under handling the puck, Shoot w purpose