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1 on 1 - Olympic 1 on 1

Posted on March 20 2021

1 on 1 - Olympic 1 on 1


- O1 and O2 starts on the hash marks tight to the boards

- D1 and D2 start on the face-off dots

- On the whistle, O1 and O2 skate straight across the ice through the opposite face-off dot and receive pass from O3 and O4

- D1 and D2 touch the boards and skate backwards around the outside of the circle

- D1 plays O1 and D2 plays O2 (1vs1)

- O1 and O2 must stay wide along the boards until center then attempt to cut in front or behind the defensemen for a shot on goal

Tags: Defense mobility, Lateral movement, Forwards to read open ice,