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1 on 1 - Cutback Drill

Posted on March 20 2021

1 on 1 - Cutback Drill


Coach in middle of O-Z stick length away from top of circles with pucks. Forwards single file in line with dot line stick length away from top of circle. Goalie in net. Players rotate continuously into the drill. Coach can switch sides when everyone has completed the one side.

-Coach dumps a puck into the corner for the O1 (Offensive Player 1) to retrieve. (Coach can also make a direct play to O1).

-The O2 (Defensive Forward) closes space on the O1 and allows O1 to pick up the puck and head up the wall.

-The O3 (Offensive player 2) sets up in the “Sweet Spot” area of the circle presenting himself for a pass and quick shot.

-The O2 has to prevent O1 from attacking the net and middle of the ice using good defensive habits. O1 cannot go behind the net or above the top of the circle forcing O1 to utilize cutbacks to navigate along the wall and make a play to O3 in the Sweet Spot. Once O1 makes the play to O3; O3 shoots the puck with a 1-timer or quick release. O1 then attacks the net looking for any rebound. After the shot attempt and looking for the rebound O1 is now done the drill. The coach sends a new puck into the corner and the drill continues with the DF now becoming O1 and O3 now becoming DF and a new player becoming O4. Force players to make play on their forehands to the Sweet Spot. This allows for 2 cutbacks if you are on your off hand.

VARIATIONS: Habit forming: Token pressure by defensive player Competative: Allow Defensive forward to try and put Offensive player into wall Creative: Allow for players to be creative with offense and read plays available.

Tags: protect the puck, relentless movement, pass to the slot, quick shot, stick on the puck and stay on defensive side