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2 on 1 - Viita 2-1

Posted on March 20 2021

2 on 1 - Viita 2-1


D1 sprints to the top of the circle and then skates backwards

Coach lays the puck behind the net, D1 picks up the puck and skates hard

O1 and O2 supports low for a breakout againts D2

After 2 on 1 completed, the F close to the Coach picks up the puck and pass to D1 who joined attacked and supporting at the point.

D1 walks the line gets to the middle and shoots.. Then D1 defends against the F's breaking out.

After 3 to 4 reps change corners

Tags: D look over the shoulder, fake before taking the puck, accelerate after taking the puck, forward supports low, hard flat first pass, net presence, D shot with purpose