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1 on 1 - 1 VS 1 Free Puck - 1 VS 1 Keep Away

Posted on December 05 2020

1 on 1 - 1 VS 1 Free Puck - 1 VS 1 Keep Away


All players pair off and line up with their Butts on the boards. They will start off 2 stick lengths apart with a puck placed 3-5 stick lengths away equidistant in the NZ. On coaches whistle they race and compete for the puck. Protect and keep it in your small area until the whistle. Winners rotate clock wise. Losers Counter clock wise.

Variation: Initiate 1 vs 1 / 2 vs 2 / 3 vs 3 DZ scrimmage drills with a free puck battle. Dump (place )pucks to practice the transition battle.

Tags: Players will initially go straight to the puck. Have all players observe a 1 vs 1 battle and observe the race. Point how they need to win the race to the lane to block the opponent and gain possession.